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ID Electronics Ltd - Your partner in technical security systems.

The mission of ID Electronics Ltd is to provide companies and institutions with complex solutions (projects, equipment,  and installations) in the area of electronic security systems in the way that would reduce the risk of encountering  threats and ensure an optimal level of facility security while meeting the Customer's needs. ID Electronics activities are based on equipment provided by world-renown manufactures, which combined with the vast knowledge and experience of its employees, ensures that the solutions used are highly-effective.

ID Electronics started its operation in 1993 and from the very beginning has been an active  entity shaping the development of the electronic property protection industry in Poland. More
 than a dozen years of experience in the industry makes us a reliable partner in the area of comprehensive building security. As each facility requires a different protection and each
Customer's expectations are different, we do not duplicate the standard solutions. We develop individual security concepts preceded by a diagnosis of needs and an analysis of potential threats. Only based on the above we choose equipment of the highest
  quality which best meets the Customer's requirements. Our Customers are both installers and operators of integrated security systems, as well as investors searching for professional system solutions. We present our solutions during various fairs, exhibitions, conferences and training  sessions related to our line of business. We have authorizations from the manufactures of the equipment we offer.

A constant improvement in workers' qualifications is a leading element in the company's development strategy. All employees who are engaged in security systems design, installations and sales, have been duly trained are well qualified have extensive knowledge of products and systems we offer and appropriate authorizations:
  • technical security employee licenses,
  • design authorizations in the area of SA-4 class systems,
  • design authorizations in the area of security systems which protect museums, public collections of cultural assets, as well as historic and religious facilities against crime and fire,
  • authorizations to lead installation and engineering tasks in the area of power networks and installations,
  • personal security certificates.
We have a concession issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration (no. L-1740/00). We are also a member of the Polish Chamber of Alarm Systems.
ID Electronics works basing on the best quality standards. Our services – design, installation, sales and technical support for security systems – are made with the utmost care, based on years of experience and knowledge of both the market and the needs of our Customers. We focus on continuous development, improving the quality of services we deliver.
According to our policy, we provide all our Customers:
  • full information protection,
  • reliability of the systems offered,
  • tailoring to individual needs,
  • highest level of service,
  • short response time.

In order to offer the Customer full security of processing data connected with guarded premises, we have a separate Security Division and the Secret Office in our organizational structure. Selected employees have Personal Security Certificates and are prepared to execute the Law of January 22, 1999 on secret information protection (Journal of Laws No. 11, item 95).

Tailoring the offer to individual Customers' needs, keeping pace with the ever-increasing market requirements and an accurate fulfilment of the expectations, have a positive impact on the systematic development and gaining confidence of our Customers.

More than a dozen years of effective activity on the Polish market resulted in a long list of references. This includes public administration facilities, office buildings, educational, cultural, financial, and insurance institutions, power plants, pharmaceutical companies, police, military, telecommunication, and tourist facilities, as well as health centres, including:
  • 3M Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • Athina Park
  • BPH SA
  • Turów Power Plant
  • Lockheed Martin AES
  • Raiffeisen Bank Poland SA
  • Globe Trade Centre SA
  • Hestia Group
  • Hotel Hyatt
  • Toyota Motor Poland SA
  • Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL)
  • Polish Securities Printing Works (PWPW SA)
  • Polish National Opera (Teatr Wielki).

Our Offer
We offer complex service regarding electronic security and home automation systems:
  • designing individual security plans,
  • preparing of telecommunication installation designs,
  • delivery of equipment, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the following systems:
    - access control,
    - intruder alarm,
    - CCTV,
    - fire alarm,
    - smoke expulsion,
    - public address,
    - perimeter protection,
    - home automation systems,
  • integration of security systems, automatic building control,
  • structural wiring installation,
  • delivery of supplementary equipment for security systems,
  • delivery, installation and maintenance of:
    - entrance gates, tripods, turnstiles, arena entrances, security booths,
    - safes and fire proof file cabinets,
    - luggage control and checking devices, metal detectors,
  • delivery of printout and copies cost management systems.

ID Electronics Sp. z o.o.
ul. Przy Bażantarni 11
02-793 Warszawa
tel. (22) 649 60 95
fax (22) 649 61 00
e-mail: sales@ide.com.pl

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